PORTFOLIO > I guess it's time to let the past die. Hello again this is goodbye. (2012-20)

"If you look at it in a cold light, photography is death. Memory and desire, aging and death... When you record the moment you record the death of the moment." - David Cronenberg, 2000

The ongoing project And we may be through with the past but the past isn't through with us. (2012-Present) deals explicitly with how photographic imagery can be understood in relation to personal narratives and how memory is preserved. Each expression of this project combines my photographic output beginning in 1994 with my family's travel photographs and videos from our time traveling as a part of the United States Air Force. I re-collect and reproduce those leftover artifacts in a desperate attempt to express their transient material condition. The process amounts to something resembling laughter, forgetting and regret--the true nature of human loss. Photo albums testify to the constant undoing and revision of personal histories. We remember how and what we want without any allegiance to accuracy, our images being the most salient and urgent reminders of the chasm between truth and desire.