PORTFOLIO > How Then Cannot Happen Again (2008)

Installation at Harvard Divinity School's Andover Chapel.

(All titles/pictures quoted from interviews conducted with students about past experiences in churches.)

"Birth, death, life, nature, ritual. In many ways each of these concepts point toward transcendence. Because of this, Wiener has deliberately sized his compositions so that they become more than simply expressive works. The images themselves are now part of the space – they envelop us and become part of our experience in the space. And how fitting that we are encouraged to encounter the work as we leave this space; each of us taking with us our own memories as we return to the ritual and routine of the everyday."

- Branden Grimmett, 2008
(Quote orphaned from "Ritual and Movement in How Then Cannot Happen Again" which accompanied the installation. Email me for a copy of the full text.)